10 Cross Fit Benefits

“I have always known what I want to look like. I trained 4-5 times a week, ate clean and ran for marathons and although I had good results and a lean body I still didn’t see in the mirror what I always wanted to see. Cross fit changed all that.”

In her own words cross fit changed her life and even after the birth of her two children she still found time to do it, because the results were amazing.

The definition of her arms and legs was accentuated. She spent money on a cross fit course and it was worth it!

Here is what cross fit did for her after just 1 month:

Weight loss: We all hate those last few pounds that are the hardest to get off. When you don’t have a lot of weight to lose it much harder to slim down the last few pounds you need to be perfect. Cross fit can do all that for you.

Less to pinch: Of course the scale doesn’t measure everything and sometimes even with the weight off you still have an inch around your body that is hard to tone. Cross fit can tone those difficult places in no time and has a great effect on the obliques.

Arm definition: “Even after years of training the best results I had were after doing cross fit” the woman explains. Apart from arm definition cross fit can help with any area of the body and just accentuate what you have been working for.

Toned thighs: It is amazing how it feels when you can actually see the shape of your legs even above your clothes.

Less cravings: After any kind of training your body needs sustenance and of course that is highly important. Cross fit can make you want to eat healthier and even less than before.

No more varicose veins: For those who have this issue or are prone to it this is good news. It can reduce them and even make the unnoticaeable.

More energy: Even after working out for a long time, cross fit can still save you enough physical and mental energy.

Perkier butt: Squats, wall balls and kettlebell swings can really make a difference in any bum.

Confidence: After years of working that hard of course your confidence levels will be boosted just like the overall happiness.

Stronger body: Apart from the visible results your body will feel much better and stronger from the inside. And this is all in just one month.

Can you imagine what can come after a long period of time?

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