10 Signs That Your Body Is Dehydrated And It Needs Water Immediately

The body is primarily made out of the water, and we need it to survive. Our kidneys and muscles are composed of 73% water. People tend to drink about 2 cups of water per day, which just a small amount.

Failing to consume a lot of water may lead to dehydration and here are 10 common symptoms and signs you are not drinking enough water.

1. Your Urine Is Dark

If your urine is dark yellow, that might be a sign you are not drinking enough water. Urine should be yellow-amber color, and when you don’t drink enough water, kidneys throw away “higher concentration of waste products in the urine, including dead blood cells, toxins, proteins and other products that need to be removed from the body”, resulting in darker urine.

2. You Don’t Urinate a Lot

The normal amount of urination is between 6 and 7 times a day. If you drink a small amount of water, urination will be reduced and you are headed to serious dehydration. Increase intake of water.

3. Constipation

One of the most common causes of constipation is dehydration. When we are not drinking enough water, our body tries to absorb water from everywhere, which includes a colon. So, if you want to prevent dehydration and constipation, you need to drink a lot of water, especially during summer days.

4. Dry Skin and Wrinkles

Soft and smooth skin is a sign our body is hydrated, and if your skin becomes dry, you should increase your water intake. Dehydration can lead to rashes, inflamed, sensitive skin and other skin condition. Also, if you want to prevent wrinkles, drink enough water.

5. Weight Gain and Hunger

Our bodies often confuse thirst for hunger, so if you are feeling hungry, try drinking a glass of water, that will do. If you are after 10 minutes still feel hungry, then you are really hungry and you should eat.

6. Dry Mouth and Thirst

When you are feeling thirsty, your body is already dehydrated, so you need to hydrate immediately. Drink a lot of water throughout the day.

7. Headaches

If you are not drinking enough of water, your body will take the water from your brain, causing your headaches. So, if you feel a headache, drink a glass of water, you just might feel better.

8. Fatigue

If you don’t have a lot of energy, you just might dehydrate. When your body lacks water, blood volume decreases, so you don’t get enough oxygen. Skip the nap or coffee and drink a glass of water and you will feel great.

9. Joint Pain

The body uses water as a lubricant, and when you are not drinking enough water, your joint will hurt.

10. Weak Immunity

Your body will have a lot more toxins if you don’t drink enough water, which means you will have weaker immunity. Water helps immune system so you need to drink it a lot in order to stay hydrated.

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