25 Health Benefits Of Aloe Vera

Most people who are well updated in their knowledge of home remedies know the benefits of keeping medicinal plants handy to help overcome any health crisis.

However the benefits of Aloe Vera are often overlooked.

Aloe Vera is considered to be one of the hardiest plants.

It was originally native to the rugged southern states, but is being grown extensively.

It can be grown easily as it needs very little amount of water, can withstands severe environmental conditions and grows quite hardily without the need of much attention.

Aloe Vera plants are extremely frost tender as they are very succulent and consist of almost 95 percent water.

If they are cultivated outdoors in warmer climates, they need to be planted in light shade, or full sun in soil that is fast draining, and moderately fertile.

Although full grown plants may survive a drought like condition reasonably well, water should be provided regularly for its better growth.

Because of their new found popularity, the Aloe Vera plants can be seen at almost every nursery or garden shop.

Unless we live in an area that has a mild climate, it is best to grow these Aloe plant in pots and place them near a window where they can lots of sunshine.

Look at the medicinal benefits of Aloe Vera plant:

  1. Eye Puffiness: by applying its juice a little under your eyes it takes the puffiness away! We can use refrigerated Aloe Vera Gel as a great compress for puffy, tired eyes by placing cotton balls soaked in it.
  2. For Prevention/Fading the Stretch Marks, Freckles and Age Spots: Begin by massaging aloe Vera gel on the stomach twice a day during the pregnancy and continue throughout the pregnancy as well as after delivery two to three months and observe the stretch marks fade.
  3. Hemorrhoid Relief: Aloe Vera has very anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation and blistering in burns. It also helps reduce irritation in hemorrhoids. All you got to do is to break off a part of the leaf of aloe Vera and apply the clear gel on the hemorrhoids.
  4. Intestinal Issues Remedy: When taken internally, Aloe Vera heals heartburn and stomach ulcers. Also in general, it has a soothing effect on the digestive tract. However in some individuals there are some adverse effects too which include diarrhea and kidney problems.
  5. Strengthening Weak Nails: By gently massaging aloe on the nail beds on daily basis for a few weeks will help the nails regain their luster.
  6. Soothe Razor Burn: Rub Aloe on to razor burns and feel that some much-needed feeling of relief!
  7. Sunburn & Skin Soothe: Skin conditions like eczema, Acne, skin irritation, etc respond very well to the natural antiseptics found in Aloe Vera. To get maximum benefit apply its gel 2-3 times a day until the area is healed. It also has cooling properties very similar to menthol that makes it a great remedy to soothe sunburn. It also acts as a protective film on the skin that helps conserve its moisture. This is so because whenever the skin is hydrated it tends recovers faster from the sunburn.
  8. Natural Aftershave/ Shaving Gel: Aloe Vera is very anti-inflammatory as it contains these enzymes. Also because of its high water content, it has very high hydrating properties. Therefore, it provides a very soft and smooth surface on our skin giving a very close shave. Besides, Aloe is also used as an after-shave to help prevent razor burns.
  9. Wrinkles Repair: Skin needs Vitamins E and C which are amply present in Aloe Vera, and help to improving skins firmness and also in keeping it hydrated. By using it combined with virgin coconut oil makes a creamier, gentler way to supplement essential fats, moisture and nutrients. Aloe Vera gel can penetrate skin four times faster than plain water, thus its super emollient quality helps it keep the lower layers of skin fully moisturized.
  10. Flu and Cold: Aloe Vera boosts our immune system as it contains a big list of Photo-Nutrient elements. It contains large amount of Vitamins A, B, C, E and also a large array of minerals, enzymes and plant sterols.
  11. Source of Vitamin B12: An important medicinal property of aloe Vera is that it improves and supports bacteria flora. Aloe Vera also contains a combination of essential minerals that help the bacteria in producing Vitamin B12, and thus is great source of this for Vegans.
  12. Energy Booster: This is another big medicinal property of aloe Vera. It helps in boosting the energy levels due to its large quantity of vitamin b complex and other important nutrients that are aid in converting the food in our stomach to provide us with energy.
  13. Eliminating Dandruff: It is an important ingredient in hair care products like hair conditioner, shampoo, moisturizers and others. You may simply wet the hair thoroughly using aloe Vera juice and rinse thoroughly in the morning to add luster to your hair.
  14. Menstrual Cramps: It is very helpful in menstrual cramps to use Aloe Vera gel with black pepper. A pinch of pepper in a spoonful of gel taken three times a day would get much relief.
  15. Smoother Hair: Aloe Vera gel is a good replacement for expensive hair care products in fighting frizz in the hair.
  16. Natural Hand Sanitizer: By Combining 5 to10 drops of lavender oil; about 30 drops of tea tree oil; One Tablespoon of witch hazel; 7 to 8 ounces of aloe Vera gel acts as a natural hand sanitizer. We can also add 10 drops of Vitamin E oil to act as a natural preservative if you wish to store it. (It will also soften the hands!)
  17. Scalp Soother /Leave-in Conditioner: Mix a bit of aloe Vera gel with 5 drops drops of Vitamin E oil and rosemary essential oil. Use it by squirting it on the scalp and ends of hair for best results. If you do not rinse, this mixture naturally softens hair and soothes an itchy scalp.
  18. Natural Mouthwash: We can make a homemade mouthwash by using aloe Vera and mixing 2 ounces of the Gel with 3 teaspoons of baking soda; one ounce of water at room temperature; one teaspoon lemon juice and 10 drops of peppermint essential oil.
  19. Regularity Booster: By regular daily intake of 2 tablespoons aloe Vera gel acts as a mild bowels regulator and general tonic.
  20. Digestion: juice of Aloe Vera is very effective in aiding digestion. It helps soothing of stomach, as well as providing relief for the heartburn.
  21. Cholesterol Lowering Quality: Drinking the juice of aloe Vera regularly can lower cholesterol safely over a period of time.
  22. Controlling Psoriasis: Aloe Vera gel has a softening and smoothing effect on skin hence it helps reducing itchy and painful skin lesions. By applying the Aloe gel directly on skin three to four times a day for a month or so shows remarkable effect. Studies prove an almost 85 percent effectiveness in curing Psoriasis.
  23. Treatment for Acne: Aloe Vera removes the dead cells, thus clearing the acne. It helps opening our skin pores and removes the blocked skin oil. Acne is treated by applying directly on the affected area of the skin. What is most surprising is that even the scars that have been formed by acne, vanish when treating with aloe Vera.
  24. Shingles: Shingles is an adult variation of chickenpox that usually occurs in adults who have low immune system. It is seen that Aloe Vera also has uses in treating painful shingles caused due to the herpes virus. We can use by applying aloe directly upon the open skin sores as it tends to dilate the blood vessels that aids in healing these wounds.
  25. Use as Sunscreen: long exposure to ultraviolet rays can damage human skin. Use of Aloe Vera helps protect us against both types of UV rays – those that lead to premature aging as well as those that cause darkening of the skin and sunburn.

Source: Wellmindness


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