Artemisinin Sweet Wormwood Is Aggressively Fighting Cancer!

These days it is not uncommon to hear that some plant or its extract cures cancer. A big problem is that relatively small number of those plants in deed gives good results, and pompous publications are used, almost exclusively, for the sole purpose of advertising and selling many, sometimes too expensive, products.

I work with a group of 20 doctors who are dedicating their careers to the research and are applying one of the mentioned herbal treatments.

Almost always, I was advising my patients not to treat cancer of their own accord, All that up until now when the plant sweet wormwood turned up, and also a treatment which could be used without big analysis and expertise.

This therapy does not only affect the improvement of immunological picture of the patient’s organisms, this plant is aggressively fighting cancer! The question is how aggressively sweet wormwood eliminates the cancer cells and how much it helps the patients?

It all begun with Donald, a 47 year old mechanic who was diagnosed with egg-sized cancer on the left side of his head.

I have immediately put him on the treatment with sweet wormwood. After four weeks of use, I’ve got a phone call from Donald- Tumor was gone! The place where the tumor occurred became smooth. After couple of months of continuous use, tumor has completely vanished and results were perfectly clear.

Artemisa annua or sweet wormwood is the plant which grows in south-east Asia. All health organizations worldwide, that accept the patients infected by malaria, gave an excellent reviews on this plant, claiming it is the only recognized medicine which cures this disease to the very core.

Mr. Henry Lai and Neranda Sing, professors on the Washington University gave the report on the fact that active compound of Artemisa Annua or Artemisinin can be safe, and in no way toxic and cheap medicine for cancer.

They also stressed out that this healing method is very much like method of healing with the oxygen.

Our great friend is hydrogen peroxide. All peroxides share one common characteristic and it’s a fact that in presence of the free iron they decompose and form very reactive oxygen atoms on the basis of free radicals. Malaria is parasite that infects the red blood cells which are rich with iron and additionally accumulate the iron. When artemisinin comes in touch with iron, BUM! A great explosion of free radicals destroys the parasite.

Seven years ago, Dr. Lai, aware of the high accumulation of iron in the cancer cells, wondered if the mentioned mechanism can be applied in this case too?

He and his colleague Dr. Sing conducted an experiment on the breast cancer cells and documented that artemisinin destroyed 100% of the breast cancer cells in just a few hours. Even more important, it left the normal cells untouched.

A year ago, the article appears about broad spectrum of anti carcinogenic effect of sweet wormwood on artificially cultivated cancer cells. The following fact is unbelievable, some types of cancer which showed resilience to the chemotherapy and some other drugs, didn’t show tolerance and resilience on artemisinin!( Published in International Journal of Oncology 18; 767-733).

I started the treatment with derivatives of this plant. Donald, mentioned earlier, was one of my first cases.

About same time I started the treatment with Donald, appeared Mrs. Dajana, a 47 years old woman with fourth decree of the breast cancer. Two years before she was diagnosed with the cancer and now, in its advanced stage, it caused metastases in the area of spine.

Cancer was inducted in the fracture of the spine strangled her with horrible pain. All conventional doctors could offer was chemotherapy with a small hope for recovering.

Instead of that, she chose the alternative method, insulin therapy, nutritive therapy, diet therapy and a drastic change in nutrition, oxygen therapy and many others.

After short therapy with artemisinin she was fully recovered like she was never a cancer patient. She feels very good now and it can not be determined whether she had a cancer or not, no visible signs can be noted, except for the scars the cancer itself caused.

She was fighting the cancer for two years and I am deeply convinced that if she continued with the conventional therapy that outcome would be fatal. She explored every possible option and only artemisinin showed results.

There are three derivatives of artemisinin and characteristics of each one of them should be known. Artesunate is water-soluble and this one is the most active and the least toxic but it stays in the body the shortest.

Aremether is oil or lipid which is soluble as well, and it has the longest half-life in the body. It is also the most toxic one( but that is associated only with high doses). Its great advantage represents the possibility to breakthrough blood-brain barrier and access the cancer in the nerve system.

Artemisinin is an active parent compound. It has the middle half-life in the organism and also can pass the blood-brain barrier.

The product is best if ingested on the empty stomach in combination with some natural oils such as fish oil, so that absorption is improved. So far, every patient that was near death, by taking the derivative of artemisinin patients stabilized and improved their condition and in a long run, wholly cured the disease.

It should be noted that in a very plant, derivatives are not that concentrated as it was stated before. In the best case, not even a half percent of artemisinine can be got out of the plant. By testing the plant alone, it came to the conclusion that effectiveness is only 10-20% as opposed to the pure artemisinin against the cancer cells.

Source: Wellmindness

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