Damning Research Study Confirms Chemo & Cancer Industry Is A Huge Scam

A shocking research that you most likely have actually never ever heard about proves that the entire cancer industry is only a titan, misleading scams.

The medical occupation diabolically takes advantage of cancer sufferers and techniques them into thinking chemotherapy will certainly save their lives.

This vicious lie is eliminating individuals as well as a research released in the journal Nature Medicine accidentally subjected the truth that chemotherapy triggers healthy cells to launch a healthy protein that energies malignant cells to develop and disperse boldly.

A Washington state research study team found radiation treatment does never treat or cure cancer cells. To the contrary, their research study revealed that invasive, chemo therapies really create the advancement and spread of cancer cells, making the disease greatly harder to alleviate.

The study confirms that chemotherapy, the go-to cancer cells treatment in Western medication, is a complete scam and also incredibly unsafe to cancer clients.

Baseding on the research, radiation treatment creates healthy and balanced cells to release WNT16B, a protein that really helps cancer cells to prosper.

The research team showed undeniably that chemotherapy harms the DNA of healthy cells, a vital element as this is a resilient concern that continues long after therapies are wrapped up. This is exhibited by secondary cancers, which most likely return after a first cancer cells diagnosis in a huge majority of survivors.

Secondary cancers often originate in an entirely different topic of the body from the first medical diagnosis as well as are normally much more hostile and also more difficult to treat.

The bottom line is that radiation treatment eliminates even more people compared to cancer. The actual physicians carrying out these fatal treatments understand exactly how bad it is for their people.

Did you know that 9 from 10 oncologists would refuse chemotherapy treatment if identified with cancer? That’s 90 %. This overwhelming percent is a proof to the obvious reality: Chemotherapy treatment is lethal.

Integrating healthy cell obliteration with cancer cells cell promotion accurately makes radiation treatment a cancer trigger rather than a cancer therapy.

Cancer treatments generate $100 billion bucks a year, and also the clinical and pharmaceutical sectors don’t make their millions if individuals are healthy. These unwell profiteers will certainly stop at nothing to conceal organic treatments as well as the truths of survivors that didn’t require their poisons to heal.

Cancer will certainly eliminate 8 million people this year and it will certainly not discriminate against its victims. Youngsters as well as babies will certainly be among this difficult fact as pediatric cancers are on a steady boost.

The American Cancer Society mentions that over 10 thousand youngsters will be diagnosed with cancer in 2016. It is a criminal offense that their physicians will likely push dangerous radiation treatment therapies on children already fighting for their lives.

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Source: www.march-against-monsanto.com

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