Delicious Homemade Remedy For Asthma, Anemia And Cholesterol

Since figs are available during the whole year, you can make this treat anytime you like, and it will lower the cholesterol and improve digestion. Tasty and healthy, what more can you ask!

If you didn’t know, figs are highly appreciated fruit all over the world. Fig can be grown in a garden, and even like decorative plant, simply because of its exotic leaves. It is best grown near the sea, because this healthy fruit can’t stand low temperature.

Figs are full of calcium, potassium and zinc. They are also a source of iron, and Vitamins C, E, K and A. I should warn you that dried figs have more calories than the fresh ones, so don’t enjoy them too often. This fruit, though, will improve your digestive system, lower your cholesterol and reduce problems of the respiratory tract. If you are vegetarian, simply use figs as a substitute for dairy products. And one more thing, figs are also known as an aphrodisiac, so that can come in handy.

Here is the recipe for figs in olive oil:

Place about 40 dried figs in a jar, and pour olive oil over them until the jar is full to the top. Close the jar and keep it closed for a 40 days. Figs tend to soak up the oil during that time.

Eat one fig before every meal and you will feel healthier in a no time. Just pay attention to the quality of the olive oil, if you have an oil of better quality, this remedy will last longer.

Source: Wellmindness

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