Diets That Will Burn Fat In No Time

If you want to look fabulous this summer, then the best way to do that is to go on a summer diet. Here are few of them that will help you in reaching your goal.

Raw Food Diet

Raw food diet is based solely on the introduction of thermally unprocessed food and industrial. The food consumed should not be exposed to temperatures higher than 50 ° C so when heat treatment is not to destroy enzymes in plants that provide the best digestion and absorption of such food.

You will need to eat a minimum of five meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks, where breakfast always starts a glass of water with the addition of lemon juice.

Example menu

• Breakfast: a glass of water with the addition of lemon juice, smoothie of blueberries, oranges, and apples
• Snack: Nuts, if desired
• Lunch: Salad of marinated raw salmon, cucumbers, tomatoes sprinkled with sesame seeds and seasoned with olive oil and lemon juice
• Snack: berries
• Dinner: sesame crackers with pate of avocado

French Diet

The book “Why French women do not get fat” signed by Mirela Giuliano reveals the secrets that lie behind the eating habits slim French.

Dietary recommendations of this author are based on moderate food intake, the creation, and preservation of small rituals, cooking using fresh ingredients, reduce the intake of processed foods, water intake and daily physical activity.

Diet consists of four phases:

Phase 1 – with the help of three-week diary diet should be to realize what the current quality of the food
Phase 2 – ‘reprogramming’ which usually lasts 3 months and includes understanding and acceptance of the size of servings and variety of the food and the superimposition of quality quantity of food
Phase 3 – stabilization – or striking a balance with regard to the newly adopted rules of nutrition
Stage 4 – the rest of life

Example menu

• Breakfast: Oatmeal with dried fruit, coffee
• Snack: Grissini sticks, figs
• Lunch: Pasta with tomato sauce and tuna fish, a glass of wine
• Snack: Ice cream
• Dinner: Grilled chicken breast, brown rice with mushrooms, lamb’s lettuce salad

Green Diet

Green diet is basically lacto-vegetarian diet is designed for people who want to take off the extra pounds. During the child consumed fruits, vegetables, cereals and potatoes, and smaller amounts of low-fat cheese and milk.

Diet certainly not to bring legumes such as soy, beans, and chickpeas and meat, poultry, fish and eggs are excluded from the menu.

The day begins with the first fruits that are consumed in the form of squeezed fruit juice with no added sugar, but as a breakfast to eat the whole fruit or fruit tree fruit salad. Fruit salad can be a tasty snack.

During the morning, it is recommended that only brings food from fruit, after the need to eat at least half an hour to wait before entering other foods.

The rest of the day can be consumed different whole grains such as millet, barley, buckwheat, corn, or more exotic, such as quinoa and amaranth. Cereals and potatoes are the most important sources of energy during the diet and should be consumed with all main meals. Potatoes are always consumed cooked.

Lunch or main meal should start with fresh vegetables, and as an essential part of the plate are cooked brown rice or potatoes. During lunch, you can eat plenty of boiled or stewed vegetables that do not add fat, even in the form of oil.

Dinner and lunch should start fresh vegetable juice. For dinner is prepared a fresh salad of various vegetables. The selection of vegetables with regard to days or meals not strictly defined but left to create a salad for everyone to choose. The oils are almost never used.

Just like fruits, milk and fermented dairy products (sour milk, yogurt, kefir) can also not be mixed with any other food and eat independently. Sometimes it can complement a meal with fresh cheese or any other type of low-fat cheese which is recommended to combine with vegetables, usually in the form of salad.

The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is a diet that is now considered the most justifiable of medical health of the individual, particularly in maintaining the health of the heart and blood vessels.

The Mediterranean diet is rich with fresh, seasonal vegetables and fruits that are consumed according to the recommendations in the amount of five servings a day.

Specific foods of the Mediterranean diet are certainly fish and seafood, olive oil as a substitute for saturated fat, green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale, and diverse fruits like grapes, cantaloupe, pomegranate.

In addition to food, the Mediterranean diet is very important and the way of preparation. Meals are also usually prepared by boiling, baking or grilling, roasting and the rarest. It is customary to add a little extra virgin olive oil in a ready-made meal.

The Mediterranean diet is recommended, and consumption of wine in moderation to two deciliters per day with a recommendation to be consumed with a meal.

Source: Wellmindness

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