Eliminating cancer cells: Get them addicted to drugs

Scientists in the UK have actually located a new method to fight cancer by getting tumour cells addicted to medicines that will eliminate them in minutes.

The technique called “mitopriming” was created as a study tool while aiming to comprehend exactly how cancer cells die. Mito-priming can be applied to recognize new anti-cancer drugs to screen their effectiveness.

According to the term paper, BH3-mimetics are a promising new class of cancer cells medications created to particularly eliminate tumour cells. They target a household of healthy proteins called BCL-2 healthy proteins, which operate to maintain cancer cells alive.

While not yet in use in medical technique, BH3-mimetic anticancer medications are showing guarantee in late-stage professional tests, specifically in the therapy of persistent lymphocytic leukaemia.

Stephen Tait, the lead author of the paper, said, “Mito-priming can be used to rapidly screen for new BH3-mimetics and other anti-cancer drugs, and should improve ways to kill cancer cells. It can also be used to rapidly define the potency and specificity of BH3-mimetics“.

Ultimately, the strategy will enable us to recognize just how drug resistance happens therefore enabling us to avoid this from taking place from the beginning, he added.

“There is currently a lot of interest in targeting BCL2 proteins in the fight against cancer and there will be new therapies emerging in the future,” Tait said. The scientists developed mito-priming by producing equal amounts of toxic and protective BCL-2 proteins in cells. “Cells in this state are very sensitive to inhibition of protective BCL-2 function by BH3-mimetics, such that they die within a few minutes of drug addiction,” Tait claimed.


Source: www.timesofindia.indiatimes.com

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