End to Chemotherapy and Radiation: On the threshold of universal vaccination for all types of cancer?

After almost seventy years of trying to find an effective anti-cancer drug, after the costly and inhumane errors such as chemotherapy and radiation, which forced to painful death hundreds of millions of people suffering from cancer and leukemia, scientists at the Stanford School of Medicine have found a universal cure that will destroy all types of cancer with the help of a single vaccine.

Scientists revealed their discovery in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, where they showed that the cure against the biggest cancer diseases is on the threshold.

According to Dr. Irving Weissman, all types of cancer are using CD47 protein, which confuses the immune system of the host. Namely, the protein allows tumors and metastases to spread freely over the body without being attacked by T cells – that devour and dissolve all the unwanted cell in our body.

In other words, tumors create an original imitation, and the chemical message in the form of CD47 stop normal operation of T lymphocytes, followed by cancer cells wild and free growth, which eventually leads to exhaustion of the body of the host and his death.

It’s amazing that Weissman’s team found the protein CD47 decade ago, although the creation of blockers for CD47 relatively simple thing, just this year we get a study in which he presented an amazing effect of anti-CD47, or more precisely the matter that in the experimental animals, with work T lymphocytes, allowed the destruction of cancer cells in record time, after only a few treatments with injections of this revolutionary drug.

With detailed researches, Weissman said:
“We have shown how the tumors, which are not even disappeared after primary treatment, the immune system continued to act. Namely, once we remove the chemical imitation of cancer cells, T cells quickly learned that they should destroy everything that looks like this type of cancer. The immune system quickly and effectively destroyed metastasis, preventing the further growth of the tumor, and continued working normally against cancerous cells even though we no longer gave additional injections with anti-CD47”.

Cells of the immune system have a short lifespan, and the researchers were surprised since after the administration of a vaccine against cancer, a body created new cells that attack cancer. This incredible opportunity to continue teaching the body to react against cancer after administration of the vaccine is the greatest discovery of Weissman’s team. In this way, the immune system stops cancer recurring.

Using anti-CD47 at the same time with chemotherapy might be counterproductive, since chemotherapy stress causes the creation of more CD47, so the immune system would receive more signals cancer cells to leave alone.

Weissman’s team has received $20 million for clinical trials of the vaccine on humans. Preliminary clinical studies should be carried out in California this year, after which will follow the new study, from which results will depend on when a universal cancer vaccine will become available worldwide and for what price.


Source: www.balkanspress.com

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