Fight Cancer With Broccoli And Watercress

A scientific study conducted not so long ago has confirmed that broccoli and watercress are a combination that is able to reduce the chances of developing cancer. Both foods are loaded with different antioxidants. The broccoli and watercress are often found on lists of so-called anti-cancer foods.

Nutritional Value and Health Benefits

The broccoli comes with high amounts of vitamin D. It is also packed with fibers and different types of glucosinolate phytonutrients that are able to cleanse the body from toxins and eliminate diseases and infections. On the other hand, the watercress comes with a pepper-like taste and has a myriad of nutrients. It is especially rich in vitamin C and vitamin K. This herb can keep the DNA safe from damaging.

Protection against Cancer

Both of these veggies can reduce the risk of prostate cancer, breast cancer and colon cancer. Thanks to the presence of glucosinolates and phytochemicals, you can expect increased production of isothiocyanates in the body too. These compounds have the ability to block the signals produced by tumors and delivered to the brain that helps these tumors grow and expand.

There are certain studies that have confirmed that in case you start chewing these veggies you will be able to unleash enzymes that can help all systems combat cancer. Phenanthrylisothiocyanate or simple PEITC is a compounds present in both broccoli and watercress and this compound can also protect us from cancer. The ability to block the expansion of cancer cells triggered by watercress and broccoli has been confirmed by several scientific studies.


This Combination is Way better than Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy can not recognize and separate healthy from cancerous cells. This means that its primary goal is to fight large tumors, but the radiation can harm the healthy cells too.

In addition, the treatment can sometimes just reduce the size of cancer cells or simply prevent them from expanding. On the other hand, some researches suggest that PEITC from broccoli and watercress can eliminate cancer cells in less than one day. Of course, this scientific study was conducted in regulated environment in a lab, so using this method in regular conditions may be different, but the fact is that the content of broccoli and watercress can block and kill cancer cells.

So, eating more of these veggies is a good idea and the best part is that they can be prepared in different way and they are not expensive.


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