Graviola Leaves Kill Cancer Cells Better Than Chemotherapy

It is maybe a less famous plant and it is called by another name: soursop! This green plant comes to us from the tropical regions especially South America and the Caribbean.

It does not only taste good, but it is also packed with a lot of vitamins and minerals that can aid with inflammation, and it also has antibacterial and analgesic properties, and can fight cancer better than chemotherapy which currently is the number one treatment.

Many experts still experiment with this plant, and have recently found that graviola is full of anti cancer agents called acetogenins. There have been many studies that prove the effect of this powerful inhibitors that aid in many types of cancer diagnoses.

Some research states that this plant with its properties can aid in pancreatic cancer and in some cases there is proof that the tumor stopped growing further!

Graviola Tea Recipe:

Extracting a tea from these leaves is probably the best way to consume it and get those beautiful health benefits.

All you have to do is take 15 graviola leaves and chop the stems and leaves and add them to boiling water. You should steep and boil until the water is reduced in half. Consume 3 times a day.

Probably the most important study that confirmed this plant’s anti cancer properties was the one conducted by a team of researchers from Purdue University.

They experimented the effect of various fruits and greens that supposedly had anticancer substances on cancer cells that were collected in tubes (in vitro process). They found that fruits have the specific ability to infiltrate cancer cells and stop their growth without damaging the healthy cells.

That was a revelation that cost a lot of funds and equipment but it was quite worth it. Still we have to take into account that this process was made by in vitro cancer cells so there is still not a clinical study related to this topic.

Nevertheless the importance of graviola and the thing this plant might do to fight cancer are not oblivious. Just remember before using it in any kind of way consult your doctor because no matter how healthy it is a really strong plant that can have different effect on different people.

Source: secretlyhealthy

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