The Incredible Matcha Green Tea Fights Cancer And Burns Fat

It’s unlikely that you’ll have heard much about matcha green tea before. Tricky to find in stores up until  very recently, matcha is used in Japanese tea ceremonies for its incredible cancer-fighting properties.

Paired with its ability to fight fat fast, there aren’t many other teas that can compare.

When consumed in powder form, matcha’s health benefits dramatically increase. The power behind matcha’s amazing effects stems from its antioxidant, specifically catechin, content.

With catechins providing incredible healing properties when consumed and matcha containing an above-average dose, many people are turning to the tea for medicinal reasons.

Matcha Treats Cancer

The national cancer institute has issued the following on matcha’s benefits:

  • It’s chemical content, specifically EGCG and ECG, have been clinically proven to protect body cells from damage by reactive oxygen species.
  • Matcha’s polyphenols have also shown encouraging results regarding tumor cell development, in some cases even assisting in the destruction of cancer cells.
  • Matcha’s antioxidants have been proven to inhibit cancer growth.
  • Studies have shown additionally that matcha’s catechins can help protect the skin against harmful UVB rays.

Even if that was all matcha could do, it’d still be a pretty impressive list. You guessed it, though – there’s more.

Matcha Fights Fat 

When looking for ways to lose weight and boost your metabolism, matcha should be pretty close to the top of your list. Japanese studies have shown that the regular intake of catechins into the body actively helps to maintain a healthy BMI index.

By dividing a group of 35 men with similar BMI’s into two groups, researchers measured the effect of catechins by giving the groups different doses over a 12 week period.

After the study was over, researchers concluded that those who had been given the higher dose had significantly lower weights.


Studies have also shown that, of all the types of green tea, matcha has the highest amount of EGCG by far. With this chemical’s benefits listed above, the smart choice for healthiest drink becomes clear.

Matcha Increases Exercise Performance

Not only has matcha been shown to improve recovery speeds from high-intensity workouts, but it’s also displayed a fascinating ability to reduce cell damage caused by oxidative stress.


Of all the high-antioxidant foods, it’s no wonder matcha is beginning to be heralded above others. With it’s incredible benefits for cancer, fat reduction and exercise, this is one drink that’s seriously worth bringing into your daily routine. Boil some water, brew yourself a mug of matcha and reap the rewards.


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