Kettlebells For Weight Loss

Some strategies of fat loss might include things like skipping breakfast and drinking green tea instead of your latte, spending an entire day on a standing or treadmill workstation, or using only the exercises that can burn the most calories in the shortest possible period of time.

Working out with kettlebells is fun, as it burns as many calories as a sprint where you get to push yourself to the max, and it boosts your metabolism for several hours after finishing the workout for the day.

The recommend kettlebells workout consists of these exercises:

Warm up for up to ten minutes, 5 minutes is a minimum.

Swing the kettlebell with your right hand for 10 times.

Do 30 seconds of cardio at your highest intensity. An exercise like jumping rope works well for this, as it’s fun too, or you can do jumping jacks. It’s up to you.

Do 10 swings with your left hand.

Once again, do the same cardio for another 30 seconds.

Do ten push ups, then 10 pull ups, rest for a minute (no more than that), and then return back to the first exercise from this list.

By the end of each day, and your workout, set a personal goal to pass 100 kettlebell swings. As it doesn’t matter how you do them, feel free to do either a hundred with both hands, or even 50 for each arm. You can also feel free to split these reps up however you want.

But the benefits of a kettlebell are plentiful, and don’t just include burning calories. The kettlebell swing alone represents a great and marvelous movement that firms up your rear, makes your hamstrings stronger and more powerful, and it also helps your lower back.

In other words, kettlebells provide the ultimate and an almost perfect combination of cardio, power, and injury prevention.

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