Lose 8 Kg In Just 7 Days With This Diet Plan

People, especially women tend to be dissatisfied with their bodies. We all want to change some part of it for better appearance or health reasons.

Weight loss can usually be very tricky and difficult and in order to make your ordeal easier we recommend the General Motors diet plan.

This company has created this dietary plan for maximum effects in just one week. It guarantees weight loss from 5-8 kg if you follow the plan exactly!

Day 1: Only Fruits

This day you are free to eat any kind of fruit you want and as much as you want. Whenever you get a craving you can reach for any fruit at your disposal, except bananas. The only drink allowed is water.

Day 2: Only Vegetables

On this day load up on vegetables! You can eat them raw or cooked, just without added salt or oil. Again, drink at least 8 glasses of water.

Day 3: Mixed Fruits And Vegetables

Here you are allowed to eat fruits and veggies just avoid bananas and potatoes.

Throughout the day drink plenty of water.

Day 4: Milk And Bananas

If you couldn’t eat this sweet and healthy fruit before, now it is all about it! During this day you should drink 3-4 glasses of milk and 8 bananas in between.

Day 5: Tomatoes And Rice

This day is your feast! You can eat one cup of plain rice and should consume about 8 tomatoes throughout the day. Load up on water to avoid uric acid due to the tomatoes.

Day 6: Vegetables And Rice

Probably the best day out of the whole week. The same quantity of rice is allowed only this time except tomatoes you can eat any vegetable you want!

Day 7: The Final Day

On this day you can eat a cup of cooked rice for lunch and any vegetables you want during the day. One difference is that you can drink freshly squeezed juice from any fruit you want since juice is a great way to flush out toxins.

Although this diet plan has some food restrictions it will not leave you starving since you can eat how much you want. It is a great way to detoxify your body and lose fat in one week.

Other than that it is perfectly healthy and it is all about eating the right food!

Source: secretlyhealthy

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