Lose Weight with 3 Apple Diet

Diet Plan 3 apples a day was designed by an American nutritionist Temi Flynn. The Temi noticed that her clients who before a meal ate an apple, lost weight without changing eating habits.

This was followed by experimentation and attempts to applying a similar method for other clients (those who did not eat apples before meals).

The results were more than good: only eating an apple before each meal clients are losing an average of 1 kilogram a week! She created and additional diet plan that further promotes weight loss plan that is known as the Diet with apples or 3 apple diet.

This diet involves eating an apple before each main meal. The idea is that the fibers that apples can easily saturate the rich man and that he would, therefore, be needed less food for a meal along the way he will reduce / eliminate the craving for sweets.

The rest of the diet plan very similar to the South Beach diet – that comes to a diet with a relatively small amount of carbohydrates and reducing the intake of saturated fat. Refined sugars are prohibited, and shall be used only a food with a low glycemic index.

The recommended number of servings is 4 – 5 small meals a day, based on healthy foods low in fat. Each meal or snack should contain some protein because it is proven that this combination reduces appetite and improve weight-loss.

People who are on this diet are encouraged to take a lot of fruits and vegetables and reduce the total input calories and not to feel hunger.

Recommended Foods

Apples, low-fat cheese, low-fat yogurt, eggs, chicken breast, turkey, fish, lean beef, oats, brown rice, broccoli, lettuce …
Example Menu

The Breakfast

  • Apple
  • Omelet with nonfat cheese
  • A cup of cooked oats
  • The Morning Brunch
  • A piece of low-fat cheese
  • A cup of low-fat yogurt


  • Apple
  • Chicken breasts grilled
  • 2 cups – steamed broccoli
  • A cup of brown rice

Afternoon Snack

  • Cappuccino


  • Apple
  • Salmon grilled
  • Lettuce

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