Mom Fights Cancer NINE Times in Seven Years

This motivational story from one  cancer patient truly inspires

A mother-of-two has fought cancer cells 9 times in the last 7 years, despite having her busts and ovaries removed to attempt as well as avoid the disease.

Emma Hannigan was told in 2005 that she brought the defective BRCA1 gene, which increases a woman’s opportunity of getting bust cancer by 85 percent, and ovarian cancer cells by 50 per cent.

She chose to have a dual mastectomy and also oophorectomy the list below year, to lower her risk.

Despite the extreme surgery, the 42-year-old got the medical diagnosis she had been fearing – she had bust cancer.

Because that factor, Mrs Hannigan has contendinged with the condition an incredible nine times, consisting of four bouts in the area of a year.

She is now going through chemotherapy every 3 weeks as professionals try to keep the disease at bay.

Mrs Hannigan, an author from Bray, near Dublin, said regardless of it failing to protect against cancer cells, she does not be sorry for having preventative surgical procedure.

The Breast Cancer cells Project estimates preventative mastectomy is believed to reduce bust cancer cells danger in carriers of the BRCA gene, by 90 per-cent.

The odds lower a female’s threat to lower than that of the standard for females who do not lug the altered genetics.

‘I didn’t consider it like I was losing my ovaries or busts,’ Mrs Hannigan claimed. ‘I looked at it like I was acquiring my life. ‘It had not been a challenging decision. It was a piece of cake – I wanted to live.’

Yet at the age of 33, Mrs Hannigan was ravaged when she was told, simply a year after having surgery, that she had cancer.

‘ I was checked considering that there was a family history of bust and also ovarian cancer cells in my household,’ she stated.

‘My auntie Helen passed away of breast cancer cells when she was 42. My other aunts, Ruth and Cathy, survived breast cancer in their 30s and also 40s. My terrific aunt, Anneliese, passed away from ovarian cancer cells.

‘When gene screening can be found in my family were welcomed to have tests. My mom, Cathy as well as Ruth were all diagnosed with the faulty gene.

‘So I was tested and also I was diagnosed also. Then I made the choice to decrease my danger of cancer cells and also have surgical treatment.

I had two young youngsters. I just had to look at them and also know that I had actually made the best selection.’.

Following the mastectomy, her breast tissue was sent away for testing.

The outcomes showed early signs of cancer.

Medical professionals stated they were pre-cancerous cells, as well as she was clear of the disease at the time.

In June 2007, she was identified with breast cancer cells.

‘In January 2007 I had muscle pains as well as a breakout,’ the former beauty consultant stated. ‘My legs and arms started confiscating and also my face, head, arms and upper torso became covered in a burning scratchy breakout.

‘Between February as well as April I remained in and out of health center.

‘In June I was identified with cancer for the first time and dermatomyositis, an autoimmune illness.

‘I had actually IV chemotherapy utilized to treat both conditions, in addition to steroids to quit the dermatomyositis.’

After a few months of therapy, medical professionals told the mother-of-two she remained in remission.

‘I assumed it was over,’ she stated. ‘I thought I had actually done my time which was it.
‘Yet cancer does not have a social conscious. It came back.’

The disease returned once again in March 2008 as well as October 2009.

Both times she was treated with radiation treatment and also entered remission with scans and blood tests coming back clear.

Then in 2010, Mrs Hannigan was detected with cancer cells 4 times as well as was treated with a mix of chemotherapy as well as radiation. Each time she entered remission.

The cancer returned in 2011 and she got 6 months of radiation treatment.

Again she went into remission. However once more, it returned in 2013.

‘This was the worst,’ she stated. ‘I got a tumor in my head and also needed 50 bouts of radiation.
‘I could not relocate my head. It was terrible.’

Mrs Hannigan claimed she wrote to see her via it the long hrs of radiation.

She has had a successful occupation as an author creating such books as Driving Home for Xmas and also The Tricks We Discuss.

‘Presently the cancer cells is gone– yet I’m having chemo every three weeks as a precaution,’ she stated.

‘Cancer cells doesn’t get any much less terrifying. ‘The words, “it is breast cancer” are never ever simple to hear.

‘All the cancer cells is classed as bust cancer as this was the main source– the area where it first began.

‘Each time I was diagnosed it was in my lymph nodes in the location around my neck, shoulder, underarm and also or the rear of my head.

‘Each time I found the cancer cells myself through lumps merely under the skin. I go to the medical professional and am treated.

‘Then I have scans and also blood tests as well as it is clear. I am in remission.

‘My husband, Cian, 41, and I crack open the sparkling wine.

‘However the cancer returns.’.

She claimed she was no a lot better at beating cancer cells than other individuals, instead treatments have actually enhanced.

‘And I need to know,’ she laughed. ‘Sometimes I wonder, “why I have had it nine times when some people get it once?”.

‘There’s no factor.’

Her son, Sacha, 15, and also daughter, Kim, 13, will certainly be offered the opportunity for screening when they are 18.

‘Yet it’s their selection,’ she said. ‘Whatever happens I will certainly be there for them.’



Emma’s fight with cancer is detailed in her memoir ‘Talk to the Headscarf.’ Emma is a glass-half-full type of person and cancer hasn’t changed that.

Find out more about Emma at

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