Nature’s Answer to Cancer

The wonder cure I stumbled across on vacation.

When I boarded the airplane to St. Thomas, among the stunning Virgin Islands in the Caribbean, I had no concept what an unforeseen discovery I would certainly be making! It had actually been a great 15 years since my last “real trip,” and also it was long overdue.

I was looking forward to some leisure on white sands, dips in the sparking blue water as well as a bit of sight-seeing here and there. So, I reserved a private trip of the island with a very highly recommended guide to see exactly what St. Thomas needed to provide!

By chance, the tour guide, David, was quite interested in health. When he found out about my background and afterwards found some of my publications in the only natural food store on the island, he was beside himself.

He could not wait to take me to his pal “Pablo” that had a tiny farm with a roadside stand. Pablo planted a range of tropical fruits. One in particular, called soursop– additionally called graviola– was respected as Mother earth’s most potent cancer fighter.

David told me concerning an experience he ‘d had with a lady throughout a current tour. When David quit at Pablo’s roadside stand and saw the soursop fruit, she ran over and also “kissed” it and started to cry. She informed David that soursop had healed her throat cancer cells 10 months prior and also she was currently virtually “cancer-free.”.

I vowed to learn more concerning this remarkable cure when I returned residence.

Here’ s what I figured out.

Nature’s Response to Cancer.

It’s supposed to cure these types of cancers:.

  • Ovarian.
  • Bust.
  • Lung.
  • Prostate.
  • Liver.
  • Pancreatic.

And as it turns out, an expanding number experts, survivors and scientists with a passion to eliminate cancer cells are “blowing the lid off” of this unbelievable fruit.

As a matter of fact, the U.S. government conducted the first “official’ scientific study on graviola’s capacity for treating cancer cells in 1976.

Exactly what is so fantastic concerning graviola as a cancer therapy instead of chemotherapy is not merely that it eliminates cancer cells.

According to the September 2014 Health Sciences Institute Newsletter, numerous research studies over the years have actually discovered that while it eliminates malignant cells (even proving efficient in combating cancer cells that have actually ended up being resistant to radiation treatment), graviola additionally leaves the healthy cells alone.

Yet, graviola has been maintained a key.

Prep work Before Treatment.

Prior to beginning using graviola, please keep in mind the following:.

  • If you’re treating prostate cancer cells, understand that it’s common to see a mild boost in PSA numbers when you initially begin therapy. This is believed to happen due to the fact that the body will certainly have to dismiss dead skin cells.
  • You must not combine graviola with Co-Q10, magnesium, vitamin C, and also numerous B vitamins.
  • It may reduce high blood pressure, so please check with your doctor before use if you have reduced blood pressure or are taking low blood pressure medication.
  • Large solitary doses could cause nausea or vomiting. To stay clear of, take graviola with food.
  • Long-term use may decrease the count of pleasant virus in your gut, so it’s a smart idea to likewise take a probiotic daily. I recommend Flora-Key, which consists of 10 billion valuable germs each serving.
  • You should be doing this anyway, however be sure to faithfully consume your eight glasses of water each day.

I am enthralled with this remarkable rainforest fruit! It has a variety of benefits past cancer cells as well. It combats arthritis, bloodsuckers, blockage, flu, abscess, edema and anxiety, for beginners.

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