New Study Shows Ginger Is 10,000 x Stronger Than Chemo

Ginger is loaded with different medicinal properties and uses, similar to its popular cousin, the well-known powerful turmeric. However, did you know that ginger is exceptionally potent when it comes to treating cancer?

The effects of turmeric on cancer are well known, but now, a new research shows that ginger, its cousin spice, is just as powerful. What’s more, it was proven that ginger is even more effective that some cancer treatments, some of which have been found to be ineffective and even accelerating the death of patients.

The Power of Ginger

One Georgia State University study showed that whole ginger extract can decrease the size of prostate tumor in mice by 56 percent. Its anti-cancer properties, ginger was also shown to lower inflammation and provide the mice with life-improving antioxidants.

PLoS has published a study, according to which the 6-shogaol compound in ginger is superior to conventional cancer therapies like chemo, since it targets the breast cancer stem cells- the root cause of breast cancer malignancy.

Besides breast cancer, cancer stem cells, or ‘mother cells’, cause a wide range of cancers. They cause formation of different ‘daughter’ cell types which create the tumor colony. Although they take up to 1 percent of the cell creation of tumor, it seems they are immortal.

In other words, they show capability of continuous differentiation, ability to renew themselves, resistance to conventional chemotherapeutic agents, and ability to form new tumor colonies. Therefore, destroying the cancer stem cells within a tumor is the only way to make your body cancer free.

According to the new research, the 6-shogaol compound in ginger is extremely active in anti-cancer stem behavior. This compound is generated when the ginger root is either cooked or dried. But, there’s other thing that makes 6-shogaol superior to chemo.

Scientists explain that the concentrations of ginger needed for it to show cancer-destroying effects are non-toxic to healthy cells. This means that 6-shogaol targets only cancer cells, without damaging the healthy ones. The conventional cancer treatments are quite opposite, as they harm not only the cancer cells but also the normal cancer-free cells, thus harming the patient.

This ginger compound significantly affects the cell cycle in breast cancer treatment, increasing the death of cancer cells. By inducing autophagy, it prompts programmed cell death. It prevents formation of breast cancer spheroids (lumps). Another thing discovered in the study was that 6-shogaol compound was 10,000 times more effective at destroying cancer stem cells, preventing formation of tumors, and keeping normal cells alive, than the widely used cancer drug taxol.

Of course, we need more research to prove that natural remedies are more effective than modern cancer treatments, but we can no longer accept the fact that treating one disease will make us even sicker.

Ginger Root Recipe

This recipe is a powerful combo of garlic and ginger; cancer doesn’t stand a chance. Garlic is good for breast cancer, prostate and lungs. On the other hand, ginger gives positive results in a fight against colon cancer.

Here’s What You Need:

  • 120g garlic
  • 120g ginger powder
  • 1 teaspoon olive oil (15ml)


Take a medium bowl and mix ginger and mashed garlic, then pour over olive oil. Mix it good with a spoon, so the ingredients are well combined. You can even blend it until you get a fine paste.

This mixture can be put in all kinds of food, or you can eat a 1-2 teaspoon of this paste.


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