Petroleum Cancer Treatment – Still A Mystery

In our previous article we have written about petroleum and its healing properties. Here, we are bringing the story on how to actually use petroleum and cure various diseases. You may use the VAJGURI NATYROR (Albanian pure petroleum) or the one from the pharmacy – Oleum petrae album G179 pure kerosene with max 0,001% aromatic and 185-225 Celsius degrees boiling. Or you can read about some applications and dosages of the pure petroleum.

There are numerous ways of alternative approaches to treat diseases which we do not know of or never occurred to us, the things we believe could harm us while they could actually help us. Although petrol oil and its derivative are being used in many industrial processes, people do not realize it is being used in the pharmaceutical industries also; therefore the lack of it would not just hurt heavy industries but also the medical industry as well.

Before the Internet era, the doctors and scientists that were trying to prove the distilled kerosene was actually healthy for us, vanished from the scene and nowadays, with the Internet being the most important source of information, the stories about it rose again. The secrets are now being unrevealed again, that pure kerosene can cure various illnesses.

German doctor Paula Ganner dedicated her life and career to cancer treatment researches and made a bold statement in one of her papers that kerosene, being taken for 12 consecutive days once a year cannot get ill with cancer or leukemia.

The official medicine never recognized pure petroleum usage in treating tuberculosis and psoriasis. Famous Serbian botanist and a doctor Josif Pancic wrote in his book ’Spruce’ about curing with petroleum. During the World War One, petroleum had a massive usage among Serbian military since there were no drugs available. Nevertheless, nobody wanted to talk about it later on.

Doctor Paula Ganner was a dying cancer patient herself until she began curing herself with petroleum when she was 31. She also kept a diary with over 2000 other patients she helped. Thanks to her efforts, and not paying attention to threats she constantly received, petroleum usage in treating cancer is legal today in Switzerland, France, Poland, and Hungary.


Farudin Djeluli is well-known restaurateur from Novi Sad, Serbia and he tells a story how petroleum treatment saved his life and cured his terminal illness. He had a severe case of gizzard cancer and a medicine record to prove it.

His story is deeply moving:

Petroleum literally save my life, and if I didn’t try that, I wouldn’t be around right now and telling you all this. I had unbearable stomachaches in 2008. and when I became so weak I couldn’t stay on my feet, I went to see the doctor. They told me I had a stomach cancer so I went for the second opinion, then for third and everybody told me the same thing. Their prognoses were 2 more months left and the doctors from Kamenica said I needed to undergo an operation and chemotherapy, which might prolong my life for 3 years if everything go well – dr Istvan Klemi said.

I went to my hometown in Macedonia to say goodbye to my family and friends and it was there where I learned a story of a woman, also dying of cancer, miraculously being cured with petroleum. She had metastasis all over her body but healed herself with petroleum form Albania. Then I learned that ordinary petroleum cannot help but only pure and refined petroleum. She helped me purchase 3 bottles of Albanian petroleum and I started using it every day twice a day – says Farudin.

I decided not to come back to Novi Sad and to those doctors and to start believing this might help me. I was skeptical in the beginning, of course. I was thinking every given morning was my last. At first, I didn’t realize I was feeling better. I clearly remember waking up one morning and asking myself I was still a sick person. I could eat normally again and had no pain at all. Then I looked into a calendar and realized it was the 30th day since I began with the treatment. I couldn’t believe I will live. I discovered my willing to live and had a smile upon my face again’ remembers Farudin.


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