Professor Weissman Discovered Vaccine Against All Types Of Cancer

After almost seventy years of trying to find an efficient cure against cancer, and after years of expensive and unhuman mistakes, scientists from Stanford University Medical Center found the universal cure that destroys all types of cancer.

The study, published in the magazine Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences in 20.03.2014 was actually a milestone in the fight against cancerous diseases.

Stafford’s team led by professor Irving Weissman discovered that almost all types of cancer use protein CD47 which confuses the immune system of the host.

This protein allows tumors and metastasis to spread widely through the body, without getting attacked by T lymphocytes.

In the other words, the tumors are making perfect disguise and attacking the host’s body, which eventually leads to exhaustion and death.

Weissman’s team discovered protein CD47 ten years ago, but the study was published just this year, the study that shows amazing effects of anti-CD47.

First, team considered that this blocker can only destroy cells of leukemia and lymphoma, but after a sometime, it was discovered that it has same the effect for all types of cancer.

Weissman found that after one injection of anti-CD47, tumors in lab mice decreased, and after treatment all mice were safe and sound for over four months, until the study was published.

The only bad thing is that in control group of 10 mice with lymphoma, one mouse cancer was not completely gone. But the vaccine had some effect.

Weissman is assured that this vaccine is a revolutionary discovery, because it teaches the body to fight against cancer cells a long after the effect the vaccine is vanished. But, using anti-CD47 with chemotherapy can be contra-productive, since the stress from the therapy can make even more CD47.

Weissman’s team got 20 million dollars for clinical trial of vaccine on people, and preliminary trials should be conducted in California this year.

After that, new research will be conducted, and that result will show whether this vaccine is universal and effective.


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