Russian Revolutionary Method to Cure High Blood Pressure: Two Times Per Year and Troubles are Gone

People suffering from hypertension, high blood pressure, know very well how much this condition can be exhausting.

Appear at the beginning of periodic headaches, heart palpitations, numbness of the fingers and then, as the increased inflow of blood into the brain. Of course, there are many ways to normalize blood pressure, but not all healthy and often have unwanted effects.

Russian alternative medicine offers an interesting and effective method for the treatment of hypertension, which involves the use of iodine. It is very easy to apply this method, and the results are excellent.

This method is absolutely safe and very effective. There are no contraindications, except in cases of individual hypersensitivity to iodine.

This method is applied twice a year, just in September and March and lasts 10 days. The procedure can be repeated until the end of life.

Treatment of hypertension (high blood pressure) iodine

The entire treatment is based on drawing lines on the body, by means of iodine. The treatment is carried out before bedtime. You will need to provide iodine and gauze. Dip a cotton ball in iodine and draw a line in a certain part of the body, certain days.

The picture shows the order of the numbers in the month, and the location on the body where you need to draw a closed line.

Days in September when to draw the line on the body:

  • September and 21 September – left wrist
  • September and 22 September – the joint of the right foot
  • September and 23 September – right wrist
  • September and 24 September – wrist of the left foot
  • September and 25 September – left shoulder
  • September and 26 September – below the right knee
  • September and 27 September – right shoulder
  • September and 28 September – below the left knee
  • September and September 29 – the left collarbone to her right hip (do not close the line)
  • September and 30 September – right collarbone to the left hip (do not close the line)
  • From 11 September to 20 September – pause.

Repeat the same treatment in March:

  • March and 21 March – left wrist
  • March and 22 March – ankle of the right foot
  • March and March 23 – the right wrist
  • March and 24 March – the left ankle
  • March and 25 March – left shoulder
  • March and 26 March – below the right knee
  • March and 27 March – right shoulder
  • March and 28 March – below the left knee
  • March and 29 March – from the left clavicle to the right hip (do not close the line)
  • March and 30 March – right from the collarbone to the left hip (do not close the line)
  • From 11 March to 20 March – pause.

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