Six Ingredient Detox Juice to Stop Your Body From Storing Toxins in Fat!

Doctors claim that the good condition of the liver is an essential factor for the health in general. Therefore, we should all know that by detoxifying our body, we provide it with a number of benefits.

Often times, the liver is considerably damaged as a result of consumption of processed foods, polluted environment, physical inactivity, consumption of alcohol, and food low in nutrients, which all cause it to accumulate toxins in fat.

So, if you want to stop this process, the first thing you should do is to detoxify your liver. You can do that easily if you consume this tasty, natural, six-ingredient lemon detox juice, which is very efficient.

This procedure for cleansing the liver involves consumption of ingredients which are easily digestible.

It is a very potent drink that will provide your body with many important nutrients, antioxidants, and electrolytes.

This is how to prepare it:


  • Half a lemon, organic and peeled
  • Half an inch of ginger root
  • Six organic kale leaves
  • One organic beet, peeled and well washed
  • Three organic carrots
  • Two organic red apples, washed and sliced

Method of preparation:

Preparation time of the juice: about eight minutes

Serves: two to four

Put all of the ingredients in a juicer and stir well.

You just need to add one or two cups of water during the preparation process, and then you would need to strain the mixture with a colander and then stir.

Add some ice into the juice when you serve it.

Keep the remaining juice in the fridge; just pour it previously in a mason jar.

Health benefits


This plant is rich in chlorophylls, which are great for getting rid of toxins from the bloodstream and for neutralizing toxic metals, chemicals, and pesticides.


Lemon, as well as all other citrus fruits, is rich in vitamin C, a vitamin which synthetizes toxins into compounds which can further be easily absorbed by water and thus improves the function of the liver.


This fruit is rich in compounds highly beneficial for the cleansing procedure and for removing toxins from the digestive tract.

Ginger root

This ingredient is highly efficient and useful in the treatment of numerous digestive issues, including flatulence, bloating, and constipation.

Beets and carrots

These vegetables are abundant in beta-carotene (vitamin A), as well as plant flavonoids.

This means that beets and carrots are great when it comes to triggering and improving the function of the liver.



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