Study Finds Pasta isn’t Fattening, and can Actually Help you Lose Weight

One will never find a meal that is so amazing and delicious like pasta and can be very hard to follow any diet to loss any weight. Recently, a study proved that pasta is not making us fat as we thought before.

A study which involved more than 20,000 people, shows that pasta is even beneficial for maintaining a healthy weight as the Italian researchers claim.

Recently many food revolutions were presented and we are still in shock because of some of them.

The one which we thought can ruin our healthy diet are eggs, butter and salt. But, with the new studies show that this is not correct as the US dietary recommendations claim.

Now, we find out that pasta is not a food we should avoid but, on contrary it can help us with that extra pounds.

It is more than clear that you should not consume too much salty eggs, creamy pasta or butter. The old saying “everything in moderation” really well explains the consuming of any kind of food.

Pasta can be of great help in losing weight when it is a part of a healthy Mediterranean diet, according to the Neuromed Institute researchers.

Licia Iacoviello being a part of the team says that people are fooled with the thought that pasta is not appropriate when following a weight-loss diet and in many cases they completely stop eating it.

Thanks to the research, this is proved to be wrong. The pasta is crucial element in the Mediterranean tradition and that is why no one should avoid it.

The team from the Neuromed Institute examined 14,402 participants with the age 35 or more from the Italian region called Moilse. There was gathering of 8,964 participants over 18 years old and these were analyzed in a separate way.

During the study, there was a standard questionnaire which role was to discover the food any of the participants ate within 24 hours, the place and time of the consummation, quantity consumed, the brand and detailed description of the drinks and food.

The size of the portion was measured and they were asked if the food they consumed was different than the normal after those 24 hours and if they follow any special diet.

It were measured the height, weight and hip circumferences to the participants.

The study found that the pasta was not related with the unhealthy weight, and it showed that pasta can be related with being slimmer than before.

Pasta being traditional component of Mediterranean diet, was associated in a negative way with waist circumference, BMI, waist-to-hip ratio as well as with lower predomination of overweight and the obesity.

Many other studies like the Moli-sani Project and INHES claim that Mediterranean diet is good for our health but, only if it is consumed in moderation and with various elements which it consists of.

As a big warning there is the link between the pasta and the healthy diet which was not predicted on person who followed the Mediterranean diet which consisted of complex fiber and carbohydrates including rice, cereals, legumes, cheese, tomatoes, fish, garlic and olive oil.

The meaning of this is that people who kept their weight down, already had a balanced and healthy diet and had the pasta with fresh vegetables and fish and not with lots of meat and creamy meals.

The size of the potion was modest, since the traditional Mediterranean eating is having side with the pasta and not a whole meal.

Kathleen O’Brien reports that the participants used picture booklets in order to help them determine the portion size. The number of the grams of the biggest portion was 86 and it was a large one for the Italians.

In a conclusion, the results are not surprising since you can have your pasta and maintain healthy balanced diet. You will cut down the calories by consuming good carbs only if you do it properly.

You can see the results in the Nutrition & Diabetes journal.

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