This Unique Recipe of Russian Oncologist Prevents Cancer and Lowers Cholesterol

This unique recipe invented by Russian oncologist from Moscow will help you with a lot of health problems. You just need fresh young champignons, fresh cabbage, and linden honey.

Why Cabbage?

Cabbage has many healthy properties, and here are some amazing facts about cabbage. Raw cabbage contains about 42 mg of vitamin C. There is also vitamin A, folic acid, magnesium, phosphor, calcium and much more.

For the most effective famous red, which is up to seven times more healing than white, and its color indicates the presence of medicinal compounds anthocyanins. It is best to eat cabbage raw or briefly cooked. For the purpose of treatment, use domestic or unsprayed organic grown cabbage.

Raw cabbage, if you frequently eat, helps with anemia, insomnia, depression, and anxiety. Cooked cabbage is excellent for detoxification spring and one of the best anti-nervous tension, anxiety, weakness and poor concentration.

Cabbage is rich anti-cancer compound sinigrin, which has unique properties against cancer of the prostate, bowel, and bladder. And has an excellent anti-inflammatory agent, and helps in curing inflammatory diseases such as arthritis and rheumatism. Lung disease is effective cabbage juice mixed with honey. He cleans the airways, helps with asthma and bronchitis.

Why Mushrooms?

Mushrooms are one of the richest protein species of fungi. Of carbohydrate found in mushrooms glucan, inulin, and pectic substances, it is necessary to mention that contain neither sucrose nor starch and are therefore very suitable for people with diabetes.

From vitamins, mushrooms are an excellent source of riboflavin (40% of the recommended daily intake), and niacin (30% of the recommended daily intake).

Of acid in most fungi are oxalic and phosphoric acid, and from mineral matter are significant amounts of potassium. In addition to seafood, the largest natural source of selenium, which is the body need in small quantities and is one of the most powerful antioxidants, and has anti-cancer properties.

Closed mushrooms in the recipe that we are the youngest species of mushrooms, a milky white color, and are harvested at a very early stage of development. Taste is not so expressive as there was plenty of time to mature and are used alone or in combination in which their excellent crunchy tissue comes to the fore. Mushrooms with closed cap appearance can hardly be distinguished from those with underdeveloped hat, but their flavor is more expressive.

Why Linden Honey?

Linden honey produced from flowers of linden trees. As lime honey stimulates sweating, the use of this honey is recommended second colds and flu, and of course the elimination of toxins from the body. Linden honey is recommended for disturbances and inflammation of the respiratory and digestive organs. Linden honey stimulates metabolism, and to taste reminiscent of linden tea. This honey boosts heart function and circulation.

How to make this remedy:

Take 5 champignons (find closed, young ones). Clean them and pour boiling water over them. Clean them with a napkin and then squeeze the juice out of them. You can even use a juicer. Then take the young cabbage and squeeze the juice out of it. You should get one teaspoon of juice. Mix these two juices and add one teaspoon of linden honey. This dosage is enough for three days. Keep it in a jar in a fridge.

Eat every morning about the third of this mixture (less than one teaspoon). Don’t give it to the kids younger than 7 years.

This remedy protects from cancer, lowers cholesterol and cures angina pectoris.

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